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Complete On-Line Catalog includes:

  • Discounted pricing on all available items, even for manufacturers brochures below.
  • PDF Specification Sheets for each item
  • Check inventory availablity
  • Quote Request form
  • Best when viewed on a Desktop Computer or iPad.
Buyer Guides - Downloadable High Resolution PDF's
Outerwear navigator brochure
Download the Outerwear Navigator Guide - (11 mb file)
Download the Uniform Apparel Guide - (37.2 mb file)

Business Uniforming

Download the Business Uniforming Guide - High Res. (13 mb file)
Manufacturer Brochures - Downloadable High Resolution PDF's

Carhartt catalog


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Download the Nike High-Res. Brochure - (154 mb file)


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Golf Guide 2019

Imported Safety Catalog