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What is Screen Printing?
Direct printing on fabric using durable plastisol inks which are printed through a specially prepared silk screen stencil using a squeege. Propery cured, the inks will last the life of the garment when following the washing instructions on the label. This process is more cost effective than embroidery because print production speeds are up to ten times faster.

Minimum Order - 36 Pieces

How Pricing Works
Some of our most popular screen printed apparel is priced out at several price levels in the column to the left. To keep it simple, screen set-up charges are built into all pricing tables, so prices are inclusive when supplying your own logo or design artwork. Our manual and automatic screen print presses can print logos with up to six colors in the design - a one color design is the least expensive. Art guidelines for screen printing.

Products Catalog
Thousands of additional items are available in the Products Catalog. But pricing does not include imprinting costs, and is based on an order of only 24 pieces. So, to get a job quote for an item found there with your logo screen printed, select Add To Shopping Cart enter the color and size quantities required, and upload your logo. We'll return your quote ASAP. Thank you!

Preferred Apparel Fabrics For Screen Printing

• T-shirts and other jersey knit fashion
• Jersey knit polo shirts
• Sweat shirts and pants
• Denim shirts
• Woven Tote bags and athletic bags
• Tightly knit athletic apparel

Please contact us directly if you prefer.

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